Sound Masking

Sound masking reduces the noticeability of sharp or random noises and allows for more privacy during conversations.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Most businesses, regardless of industry, have an abundance of sounds and noises that can be very distracting for employees and customers.  Whether it is due to industrial production or simply the varied sounds of a normal office, constant noise can be very distracting and can both reduce productivity or deter customers from staying and making purchases.  But, nobody wants to be able to hear a pin drop either because a total lack of sound can be equally distracting and reduces privacy during conversations.  The optimal solution for creating the most productive and enjoyable business atmosphere is sound masking.

Similar to the use of white noise while sleeping, sound masking works by adding gentle ambient sound to a space.  Sound masking reduces the noticeability of sharp or random noises and allows for more privacy during conversations by obscuring those noises with a continuous stream of ambient sound that is similar to the sound of airflow. It may seem counterintuitive to add noise but the addition of soft ambient noise can actually make your building seem quieter. At Magnum Opus Digital Entertainment, we can design and install a high-quality commercial audio system and program sound masking to play so that distractions are reduced for improved productivity and privacy.

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John Harris

ason and his team have been great to work with. Very responsive and have accommodated any challenges we have thrown their way!

Christopher Luengo

Magnum Opus is a fantastic company for all your audio, visual and security needs. They have recently installed all our audio & visual system, internet systems, security cameras and security system. They have provided great service, multiple options and fantastic equipment & systems to choose from. Mike Thompson and his team are hardworking and friendly. I would highly recommend Magnum Opus Security for any of these requirements you may have and I will definitely use their services in the future.

Jason Denson

I was able to see first hand what level of work Magnum Opus offers, and I am completely amazed at their professionalism

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Magnum Opus did a great job helping me pick out the correct equipment for my latest project. The image quality and control of the system exceeds my expectations